Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How did I get started in genealogy?

My actual first journey into genealogy started in 1998 thanks to my in-laws. At the time I started researching I didn’t even know there was a world of amateur and professional genealogists out there. I was just looking for some general family history and encountered a fabulous community of sleuths.

Several members of my mother-in-law’s family did (A LOT) of research and traced their paternal heritage back several generations. When they shared the information with the family, my brother-in-law expressed his curiosity about his father’s family history. He’d heard about an interesting legend related to his surname but didn’t know if it was true or even if his family descended from that legendary individual.

Intrigued, I started looking and caught the bug. I was never able to prove or disprove the legend but was able to share with my brother-in-law he was descended from that line. I also found connections to some historical figures, past and present, so the more I look the more I want to look for more.

What got you started? Do you have that bug too?

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